Soo, Congrats on taking the first Step to a healthier you! Before You dive into the pricing, there's a reason your here and whatever that may be, it would certainly be worth a Meet & Greet to see how I can help you achieve your goals, and if you don't think my services are right for you no problem, we can part ways from there, No Strings Attached :)

There's a few things I'd like to remind you of that make it hard for new visitors to resist signing up

  1. I can come to your home to do training Sessions

  2. If you travel or spend a lot of time out of town, all you need is a wifi connection to do Live Video Sessions

  3. I offer Group Training & a great referral program so you and your friends can embark on a journey together! Save a few bucks, have a little extra fun and Motivate each other!



  • 12 Sessions

  • 45 Minutes Long

  • Once Per Week




  • 24 Sessions 

  • 45 Minutes Long

  • Twice Per Week




  • 36 Sessions 

  • 30 Minutes Long 

  • Three Times Per Week


Debra Kirsch

Bathurst Manor, Toronto, ON



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*Discount  Based off Single Session Hourly Rate